2014 Chinaway Summer Program Information

Chinaway Summer Program offers American students the chance to volunteer and intern in Mainland China. Through volunteering with Chinaway, students will be able to gain real world epistemology and learn in a hands-on experience. Helping people in China also may help students develop themselves and think more globally. Because of its excellent facilities, brilliant mentors, and fun learning environment, this is a perfect summer opportunity.

Chinaway Summer Program, sticking to its motto of “improve yourself and serve the world; care for others and perfect yourself,” will launch three projects in 2014, and invite students to participate in those that best interest and suit them. (Past project descriptions can be found at www.chinawayusa.com and http://blog.sina.com.cn/sfvolunteer )


1) Summer Computer Software Internship (June 18 – July 2)
As an intern, you will learn and help China at the same time! You’ll learn the ins-and-outs of software and animation, be involved in hands-on software development, and help improve Chinese websites. Volunteers will:
•    Learn the basics of computer software
•    Learn the basics of computer animation
•    Complete your own animation projects
•    Learn how to build dynamic and engaging websites
•    Be part of a team to improve the official website of Chengdu
•    Visit cultural and social institutions (Panda centers, cultural monuments, schools)
•    Volunteer at charitable organizations and help the less-privileged children of China

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2017 Chinaway Volunteer Program

2017年Chinaway 项目开始报名了。请仔细阅读项目介绍,选择最适合你的项目申请。

Chinaway Program for 2017 is now accepting applications. Please carefully read the program descriptions and apply for the program that suits you the most.

  • Dujianyan Teaching Program
  • Teaching Stay Behind Children in Tea Town 
    Application fee rebate:

    In order to encourage students to practice reading carefully, we will reward $25 for the students who fulfill the following requirements:

    1) Chinaway 常规问题解答(Q&A)and program documents before ask any questions and not ask the questions which are answered in Chinaway’s Q&A .

    2) Complete the application before March 15 and make sure there don’t have any missing information or mistakes.

    3) Submit documents, information paper, and fees as requested on time.





    3)按照报名要求与录取信中的要求准确, 准时地缴纳各种文件,信息与费用; 

Journal in 2014

Journal Monday July 7th, 2014......Today was day one of our stint as English teachers/babysitters at the nearby preschools……

With six volunteers from America, being myself, Jesse, Kevin, Annie, Michael, and Shuyu, four Chinese volunteers, Susan, Summer, Serena, and Daniel, plus our administrative personnel, Cindy, we divided ourselves into two separate groups to tackle two separate preschools……. By the end of the day, we were utterly exhausted already and were extremely ready to go back to the hotel. Dinner was nice, and our seventh volunteer, Ivy, finally arrived. Afterwards we played many rowdy games of Mafia. Even though it was all very tiring, we still had a lot of fun. 

Journal Tuesday July 8th, 2014……. Annie and I went back to our mid-level class, filled with adorable faces, and proceeded to watch them do their morning exercises……. At lunch, the same food as yesterday was served,

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2024 Chinaway Volunteer Program Start Enrolling

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