2018 Boy/Girl Scout Program

中国童子军项目(7月8日~ 7月21日)

Boy/Girl Scout Program

The Boy/Girl Scout activity in the United States is an important non-governmental education training program that exercises children's leadership, hard-working attitude, hands-on ability, self-discipline, teamwork, responsibility and caring for society. Boy/Girl Scout activities in USA are popular for K-12 students and very helpful for students to become future leaders. More Chinese children nowadays are willing to undergo a "American-style" scout training and welcome the assistance from American experienced high school students


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2018 Pingjiang Program


Hunan PingJiang Volunteer Teaching Program

PingJiang County is located 100 kilometers away from Changsha City and YueYang City, upstream on the MiLuo river, and a major origin of Chu culture. It is one of Chinese counties in  poverty. The fiscal poverty results in lack of resources on public education and full-time qualified teachers. For example, Some basic requirements of music education by the State Education Department can not be fulfilled. Children in rural areas also do not have the opportunity to visit big cities and foreign countries.   


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2018 Dujiangyan Program

都江堰英语支教(06/16~06/30/18) 圆满结束

DuJiangYan Volunteer Teaching Program

In 2018, we will continue the our volunteers program of Education Aid in Dujiangyan. Dujiangyan has inherited the ancient Chinese civilization and has benefited from the spirit of world volunteerism during  the reconstruction from 2008 earthquake damages. A lot of children living in rural areas still lack of educational resources and lack a channel to connect with the world. We will teach these children and enable them to learn about the outside world. 


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2018 Chinaway is Going On...

大家翘首以盼的2018ChinaWay暑假项目正在进行。The ChinaWay program for 2018 is proceeding:

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Chinaway 2018 Highlights





2018 Application 报名已满
Application Process
2018 Program Highlights




Q: What kind of students is the program looking for?

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Chinaway Program Multidimensional Think




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