2014 Summer Program Retention

Chinaway Summer Program offers American students valuable opportunities to volunteer and intern in Mainland China. Though 2014 Chinaway Program is finished, but it had made an indelible impression on  most students' mind. In a very different enviroment, and from a different view, they could learn how these chrildren in China study, play or think. As it is said when they help these students, they help themselves think in different perspections.

This summer, we had finished 3 projects :

1) Summer Computer Software Internship
Students learned the ins-and-outs of software and animation, were involved in hands-on software development, and helped improve Chinese websites. They also
 visited cultural and Panda centers, cultural monuments, and volunteered at charitable organizations and help the less-privileged children of China.

2) English Teaching Volunteer Project
This project have been prceeded for six years each summer and won lots of praise for us. Volunteers introduce American culture to children who live in the countryside of Chengdu, and teach them English. They also visited Panda center, Expo, and lead activities for underprivileged and autistic children at the Autism Center. Most volunteers had a whole picture of contryside near Chengdu, China could be, this give them a different view of China.


3) Volunteer project to help children left behind

Volunteers in this project took care for left-behind children in child care centers, chated with them,and taught them English, and entertained them with songs, paintings and games, to open a window to know the world for these children.




This year our program is full. See you next year.



Q: 什么样的孩子可以参加这个项目?


Q: What kind of students is the program looking for?

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