2016 TeaTown Program Documentary

2016 Dujiangyan Teaching Documentary (Complete)

2016 Boy/Girl Scouts Review

One student's description

I was entrusted with photography for our section of the CMC program. I took many photographs of the children doing various activities from rowing boats to cooking food. I was also responsible for coordinating the English language program that we offered to the children there. I created the Powerpoint presentation that we used for the English program and also gave the lecture itself as well as provided instruction to the children who needed help.

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Introduce 2015 Chinaway Summer Program

The “Chinaway Summer Program” provides American high school students the opportunity to travel to China and work with Chinese students, volunteering as tutors and living among the local people of China. By working side-by-side with young Chinesestudents American students will gain a unique perspective on Chinese culture and have the chance to develop life-long relationships. The program is fun, educational, and is guaranteed to broaden the perspective of every participant and provide cherished memories.

Chinaway is dedicated to improving the relations between people of different cultures, caring for others and self-improvement. The achieve these goals in 2015 we offer three separate programs:

1 English volunteer teacher –June 16 through June 30 and July 7 through July 21

This year we will continue to offer this very successful program that provides support to elementary school children in the countryside surrounding the city of Chengdu (home of the panda). The American students will lead classroom sessions and work one-on-one with children whose parents have migrated to the cities for work. Many of these children have very limited knowledge of the outside world so our volunteers can have a very large impact on the educational development of these children. This volunteer program gives the American student a view into normal life in rural China and allows them to help others less fortunate, improve communications skills, and understand the diversity of the world. This program highlights include:

  • Introducing American culture to rural Chinese children
  • Teaching English
  • Cross-cultural exchange and an opportunity to understand the Chinese countryside
  • Helping others
  • Animal care (Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding)
  • Learn Chinese traditional physical education
  • Environmental protection
  • Sports
  • Visit local cultural attraction and participate in cultural activities
  • Promoting volunteerism and empathy with all peoples

    2. Rural Poverty Awareness Project – June 21 through July 4

    This program gives the American student the opportunity to live and work in the Chinese countryside, immersed in the traditional life-style of rural China. The student will learn to work the land, solve the day-to-day problems of living on the land and work directly with the Chinese community. The goal of this program is to both expand the student’s experience base and teach leadership skills. This program will include some Chinese students along with the American volunteers. This program highlights include:

  • Participate in growing crops and livestock
  • Appreciated the value of volunteerism
  • Cross-cultural exchange
  • Learn Chinese traditional physical education
  • Learn Chinese cooking
  • Perform daily chores including laundry
  • Visit local cultural attraction and participate in cultural activities
  • Animal care (Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding)
  • Promoting volunteerism and empathy with all peoples

    3. Musical Exchange Project – Late July or Early August, limit 15 students

    These students will participate in the “Chengdu International Youth Music Week”, an annual event that attracts music students from around the world and hundreds of thousands of spectators. Chinaway, thanks to its many years of working in Chengdu, has been invited to participate in the Music Week for the first time in 2015. Students will have an opportunity to share their musical skills including dance, instrumental music, and singing. Students will share the gift of music with both international students and local Chinese disadvantaged youths. This program will be a uplifting opportunity to enjoy music and to volunteer to help younger students advance their musical skills.

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    Q: What kind of students is the program looking for?

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    Chinaway Program Multidimensional Think




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