2021 Chinaway Volunteer Program

今年Chinaway支教项目圆满结束了。下面链接是我们支教的视频:我们的留影。 or 2021 teaching Silhouettes.

This year, the Chinaway Volunteer Project has ended successfully. The above link is a photo of our teaching Silhouettes.

Chinaway Volunteer Program 已经连续10多年利用暑假时间到中国支教。这个项目不光帮助中国农村,乡镇孩子学习英语口语与美国文化,也锻炼美国学生的演讲能力与领导能力,增加美国学生的国际视野。


今年教课时间大约在6~8月(明确时间等待进一步通知),我们的授课学生,包括社区孩子,学校学生以及自闭症中心的孩子。教授的内容有日常对话,中文的英语表达,也介绍美国文化,美国歌曲等文化技能。如果你有能力在镜头前讲授英语,善于演讲,善于讲故事,善于唱歌或会一些特别的技能,如拍摄视频,写英语作文等,我们欢迎你报名参加Chinaway Volunteer Program.



  • 第一网上填表;
  • 第二网上交报名费50美元;
  • 第三得到我们的具体通知后,完成其它相应手续.

    2021 Chinaway Volunteer Program

    The Chinaway Volunteer Program – which teaches English to Chinese children who live in rural areas or underprivileged kids who live in cities during summer vacation, has been ongoing for more than 13 years. This program not only helps Chinese children with learning English and American culture, but also improves American students' public speaking and leadership skills, as well as expanding their international perspective.

    Due to the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 in 2020, we shifted the teaching to online. Through the ZOOM platform, we offered English charity courses to more than 10 communities in China and local autistic children, and received very good feedback. Therefore, due to the current situation of COVID-19 and lockdown restrictions, this year’s Chinaway Volunteer Program will also be through teaching online.

    This year, the program will take place between June and August (the exact date & time TBD, please wait for further notice), and our students will include community children, school students, and children from the Autism Center. The content of the course includes daily conversations, translating between Chinese and English expressions, introduction of American culture, American songs, and other cultural skills. If you can teach English in front of the camera, speak well, and have some special skills, such as telling stories, singing songs, making videos, writing English composition, etc., we welcome you to join and participate in the 2021 Chinaway Volunteer Program.

    We will give awards to students who do teaching work seriously and met the requirements of the Presidential Service Award application.

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    Q: 什么样的孩子可以参加这个项目?


    Q: What kind of students is the program looking for?

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