2020 Chinaway Volunteer Program

This year our program is full, see you next year!

Chinaway is a summer volunteer program which established on 2008. Due to the current special situation, this year’s Chinaway Volunteer Program will change to online teaching. We welcome students who can comfortably talk/teach in front of the computer/phone/camera to join this teaching project. Students can choose whether to teach independently or team up by group.

The teaching course are mainly English conversation, reading Chinese students’ English textbooks, and simple Chinese/English translation. Participating Chinese students are between 1st and 6th grade. Since no teacher/adults help students during the teaching session, to ensure teaching going smooth, it is mandatory for students to prepare course ahead as required, including control time/ prepare materials to fulfill the whole classtime, to be familiar with the teaching contents, and to have teaching rehearsals.

Student volunteers will earn 3 volunteer hours for 1 hour of online teaching and 2 hours of lesson preparation. For students whose hours meet the requirement of the President's Service Reward, we will apply for it and give students the certificate.

因为今年的特殊情况,chinaway 支教活动将由线下换到线上。我们欢迎可以独立面对镜头(网上平台)教英语的同学参加,同学可以自己独立讲课,也可以组成小组参与讲课。

教课内容主要是英语对话,领读中国英语课本,简单中英互译。参与的中国学生主要是1年级到六年的学生。 由于是独自讲解一定时间的课程,教课之前学生必须按要求备课,准备课堂内容,同时课前预讲,保证课堂上不留空挡。

每天的支教活动由每天的线授课离线备课讨论组成。义工小时也合并计算,比如,一小时在线授课和两小时的离线备课, 折合3小时志愿者服务时间。服务时数符合总统服务奖的,我们将为同学申报并发放证书。

支教地区与背景介绍请看此链接 义工地点介绍



Chinaway Volunteer Program的最大特点是工作量非常大,非常锻炼人。10天大课堂的教学将极大的锻炼提高孩子的演讲能力,组织能力,管理能力,与孩子的中文水平。经过这种在现实中学习锻炼的磨炼,学生们可以很快学会讲课与课堂管理,这是Chinaway义工项目从举办以来就获得所有参加孩子与家长一致好评的原因。

如果你希望了解中国,关爱弱势群体,锻炼提高自己,发挥或挖掘自己的特殊能力,结交各地朋友,欢迎参加Chinaway Volunteer Program。两周的义工服务,你将得到80小时的义工时间。如果你参与编写教材,募捐,组织课程等额外活动将获得更多的义工小时。支教一般日程:

  • 第1天全天接机
  • 第2天全天培训与备课教学
  • 第3至7天,全天支教
  • 第8天休息,游览参观
  • 第9至13全天支教
  • 第14天购物游览
  • 第15天全天送机

2020 年Chinaway的支教地区与时间安排如下:


  • 河北蔚县支教,协助蔚县整理英语文案,教小学生英语口语(北京接送机):6月7日 ~ 6月20日
  • 四川都江堰支教,教中学生,高中生,同时到熊猫基地(成都接送机):6月20日 ~ 7月4日
  • 四川雅安英语支教, 教小学生,中学生,同时到熊猫基地(成都接送机):7月4日 ~ 7月18日

个人项目由中方机构主办,没有美国带队老师,Chinaway 负责招募工作

2020年个人项目请邮件This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

任何9年级毕业(in 2020)及以上的高中生,大学生,身心健康,热心公益,关爱社会,对中国文化有兴趣,自律向上的都可以申请。对于活动中展示各种才艺,积极组织各种活动,上课优秀认真的学生将会有优秀奖励。

Chinaway Volunteer Program

The Chinaway Summer Volunteer Program was founded in 2008. The main objective is to organize American high school students to go to China's rural towns and villages to teach English and organize Chinese-American cultural summer camps. Our teaching will be held in school classrooms, community centers, children's centers, etc. There are more than 20 students in each class, and each volunteer will teach for a few hours a day. The teaching content is mainly spoken English and American culture. Despite their young age, American high school students have the ability and knowledge to make an impact on the lives of their Chinese counterparts, even if they do not know it yet.

The purpose of the Chinaway Volunteer Project is to “help others and strive for self-improvement”. There are hundreds of Chinese children attending the Chinaway English Summer Camp and classes each year. Most of these rural children do not have the opportunity to experience the life of a big city. The Chinaway program allows Chinese rural children to get in touch with authentic American culture and language, and feel the American spirit of compassion. It is a charity project that cares for disadvantaged groups to benefit society.

The most important aspect of the Chinaway Volunteer Program is the heavy and challenging workload. Teaching classes for ten days will greatly improve volunteers’ public speaking, organizational, management, and Chinese-speaking skills. Through real-life experience and practice, students can quickly learn how to teach and manage a class. It is why the Chinaway Volunteer Project has been well recognized by all participating volunteers and parents since it started.

If you want to learn more about Chinese culture, care for the disadvantaged groups, improve yourself, show your own special abilities (some you might not even know you had yet), make friends, we welcome you to join the Chinaway Volunteer Program. To put the icing on the cake, you will get 80 hours of volunteer time. If you are involved in writing textbooks, fundraising, courses and additional activities, you will get more volunteer hours. General schedule of teaching:

  • Day 1              Pick up from the airport
  • Day 2              full-day training and lesson preparation
  • Day 3-7           all day teaching
  • Day 8              Rest and other activities
  • Day 9-13         all day teaching
  • Day 14            tour; & shopping
  • Day 15            send to Airport

The 2020 Chinaway's teaching area and time schedule are as following. Please refer to this link for the teaching area and event background. About Program Locations

Team projects (organized by RCCA, USA, with American team teachers, the number of participants in each period ~ 15)

  • Yuxian, Hebei, teach Primary school students (Beijing pick-up): June 7 ~ June 20
  • Dujiangyan, Sichuan, teach middle school, high school students (Chengdu pick-up ): June 20 ~ July 4
  • Ya'an, Sichuan, teach elementary school, middle school students (Chengdu pick-up): July 4 ~ July 18

Individual project sponsored by the Chinese institution, no American team teacher, Chinaway is responsible for the recruitment

Please write email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to know 2020 individual volunteer opportunity.

Any student (incoming sophomores and above including college students) with good physical and mental health, enthusiasm for public services, compassion for society, and self-discipline can apply. We will give rewards for the volunteers who show various talents, excellent teaching effort, participation and leadership. We look forward to you joining the 2019 Chinaway summer programs!



This year our program is full. See you next year.



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