2016 Boy/Girl Scouts Review

One student's description

I was entrusted with photography for our section of the CMC program. I took many photographs of the children doing various activities from rowing boats to cooking food. I was also responsible for coordinating the English language program that we offered to the children there. I created the Powerpoint presentation that we used for the English program and also gave the lecture itself as well as provided instruction to the children who needed help. I also acted as an intermediary between the other volunteers and the CMC staff. Because some of the other volunteers had some trouble communicating in Chinese or were reluctant to speak Chinese they forwarded me their ideas and I communicated those to the staff in charge of running the program. I also helped coordinate activities for the other volunteers like helping the children pack up their tents or picking up garbage. Furthermore, I tried my best to establish a personal bond with the children who participated in the program and tried to leave a positive and lasting influence on the children who participated in CMC. Finally, I served as an advisor to a small group within the organization and helped the kids with anything they needed as well as impart some knowledge about the subjects I was knowledgeable in.

ChinaWay 2016 left me with a deeply positive impact. I am a veteran of the Chinaway program, having participated in the Sichuan program last year. However, this year was even better than the last. While last year I came with a friend who also participated in the program with me I came alone this year. I am not the most socially capable or extroverted person and I expected to be relegated to the sidelines while other people formed friend groups. However, this could not have been further from the truth. I made many new friends in my time during the program. The children who participated in the CMC program also left a lasting impression on me as well. I had never expected that working with dozens of elementary school children would be fun but I made many new friends among the children all of which I will treasure for a lifetime.


This year our program is full. See you next year.



Q: 什么样的孩子可以参加这个项目?


Q: What kind of students is the program looking for?

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